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Angel Profile Porcelain Sterling Charm or Pendant

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Broken China Jewelry Sterling set charm
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Symbols of protection for many years, a precious angel image taken from an antique postcard in our collection dated 1913. This image has been rendered in minerals and then fired on to porcelain for a permanent, waterproof, timeless piece of china. It really is china!

Lovingly hand set in a custom made sterling setting. Fully enclosed back to keep dirt and debris out.  Sterling from top to bottom.  
Crystal has Sterling pinning as well.  We can change the color upon request.

Custom made china. The image has been fired on to porcelain at 1500+ degrees. Water/weather will not affect it. Permanent. Will not fade and will last many, many, many generations.

1" from top to bottom and 3/4" from side to side. 

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