Easy Rice Crispy Easter Egg Nests

Posted by on 4/1/2017 to DIY Tutorials
No bake Easter egg nests

Bracelet Assist Trick

Posted by Kim on 12/29/2016 to DIY Tutorials
Nifty way to put your bracelets on.

Nifty Jewelry Cleaning

Posted by Administrator on 6/29/2015 to DIY Tutorials
Nifty Jewelry Cleaning
Make your jewelry sparkle and shine! Tips on how to clean jewelry with things you have around the house.

DIY Applying a Waterslide Decal on Enamel

Posted by Administrator on 8/28/2014 to DIY Tutorials
Dress up your enamel, candles, and glass votives, just to name a few, with a printer, some decal paper, and clear spray!  Easy gifts and your own special touch.

DIY Glass Glitter Tutorial Video

Posted by Administrator on 8/10/2014 to DIY Tutorials
My first video tutorial so I hope you like it and it helps!

*Furniture & Frame Old World Onlays Instructions

Posted by Administrator on 6/14/2014 to DIY Tutorials
How to spiffy up finds and restyle furniture, frames, mirrors