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Forget Me Not Flowers Hearts Broken China Jewelry Sterling Charm Bracelet

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Blue forget me not broken china jewelry heart bracelet sterling charms
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Do you know the story of the Forget-me-not?
The legend of the Forget-me-not has its roots in Germany.  In a German legend, after the earth was created, God went to each plant and animal and gave each a name. As God finished and was getting ready to leave, he heard a little voice at his feet saying “what about me?” He bent down and picked up the little plant whom he had forgotten, and said “Because I forgot once, I shall never forget you again, and that shall be your name.”

Pretty, fresh, and oh so happy.  Lovely bracelet that will step up your outfit and your look.

*A Sterling charm bracelet with a handcrafted base.  Nice thick sterling charm rings.  We handcrafted it with you in mind.  Sturdy, beautiful, stylish, and just about any size you desire.
*Five Broken China Jewelry charms that have been custom set in Sterling silver settings.    Backs of the sterling are lightly embossed with a leaves and forget me nots (not shown).
*Victorian Style puffed heart.  Handmade in our studio from a copy of an antique die.
*Spinner lamp work forget me not bead.  Artisan handcrafted Sterling silver and glass.  Also has a blue Rose lampwork bead on Sterling silver pinning.
*Sterling & Swarovski crystal finial charm.
*Victorian style heart single sided charm.

All dance from the bottom of a double link sterling bracelet with swivel lobster claw clasp.  Length:  Adjustable from 7 1/2" to 8 1/2".  We can adjust it to just about any length.  Just let us know at checkout. No additional charge unless it is an extreme length.

Lots of movement, lots of silver, lots of handwork, and lots of love in this bracelet.

Comes boxed, ready to give.

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