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Initial Sterling Bronze Charm Necklace Typewriter Style Choice

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Initial charm Rose Personalized charm Sterling and Bronze Necklace
Item Number: 174254-2
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Lovely addition to your wardrobe no matter what your age.  Two-tone makes
it a match with most jewelry in your wardrobe.

Combination of Sterling silver and bronze.  Bronze has been used for many millennia in jewelry.
Warm alternative to gold.  Kind of a golden copper color. 

Fully encased in Sterling silver.  Back is fully enclosed and softly patterned in a floral pattern. 
(the back should be interesting, too, don't you think?).

About 5/8" in diameter.  From the top of the charm including the ring bail is 3/4".

Charm is not flimsy but has a nice heft to it.  You will be pleased!

Comes with an 18" Sterling silver chain and a Sterling pinned Freshwater pearl with a bronze bead.
If you would like a Swarovski Crystal, just let us know what color at checkout.

Comes boxed ready to give.


We also have this as an individual charm #174254  as well as a Sterling and bronze bracelet in another listing that matches.

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