Red Pink Broken China Jewelry Crystal & Pearl Earrings

Red Pink Broken China Jewelry Crystal & Pearl Earrings

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A customer favorite!
Broken China Jewelry custom made with Sterling silver from top to bottom. Fine jewelry.

Genuine Swarovski Crystals and freshwater pearls. Sterling ear wires are attached to the heart and comes with little plastic earring guards.

Please note that these are on the medium weight side of things.  Each is about .25 oz.  We can do a slightly lighter version by making smaller hearts.  Just let us know at checkout and we will create them for you.

Size and Packaging:
About 1 1/2" from top to bottom and a little more than 3/4" wide.
  Comes with information card and pink/brown box.

Background Info:   We don't do earrings a lot because of the time and materials involved, but I couldn't resist doing some special pieces like this. Original design. As unique as the wearer of these precious pieces.

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