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Sabrina Broken China Jewelry Sterling Heart Charm Bracelet

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Introducing Sabrina. Broken china jewelry charm bracelet in Sterling.  Everything metal is Sterling throughout the bracelet.  You will love her.  Bright and airy design.  Leaves room for more charms to tell your story.

Sabrina features:

5 Broken china jewelry charms of soft pink and touches of pale lavender.  Custom made sterling silver settings.  Backs are fully enclosed with silver so no dirt or debris accumulates.  Sterling backs also have a sweet little floral pattern embossed in the back.  We take the time to do this as a courtesy.  Embossing hides wear and doesn't look scratched/worn even though you have worn the piece a lot.  You will be pleased.

3 Sterling double sided heart charms.

1 Sterling silver and pink rondelle crystal.  Flower bead cap on the bead is from a copy of an antique die and done in our studio.

1 Sterling spinner bead with lampwork glass floral bead.  Bead actually will spin on its sterling pinning.

1 Freshwater and Sterling pearl drop.  We can add 5 more between the charms for no additional charge.  Just let us know in options above.  If no choice is indicated, we will not send them.

All are suspended from a beautiful weighted sterling silver handmade charm bracelet.  We love this charm bracelet because the configuration of the rings gives it strength to handle more charms, and also lays flat with charms attached. 
Chain features a sterling swivel lobster claw clasp (you will find this feature convenient) and three rings at the end that allow for adjustment.
Length is adjustable from 7 1/2 to 8 1/4"   Of course, we can adjust the size to fit you.  Just let us know at checkout.

Comes boxed ready to give.


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