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Shades of White Antique Carved Mother of Pearl Button Line Bracelet

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Antique Button Bracelet custom set in Sterling Silver
Item Number: 175209
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Beautiful piece of the past created for you to enjoy and wear.  Not for someone that doesn't like attention and conversation about their jewelry.  Much prettier in person!

100+ year old buttons line up in a pretty row to present this wonderfully unique piece of jewelry.  Lovely shades of white with varying iridescence.  We designed this to have similarly sized buttons so that you can wear it with other pieces.  You will love this!

Creating one of these is a long process. We lovingly search through a small sea of antique buttons with an eye for just the right combination of carving. The actual carving was done by hand, so these are true pieces of art. They are cleaned, then arranged, and set, one by one, in a custom scalloped sterling bezel. Bezels are then surrounded by a rope of sterling and finally joined together. After the finishing, we have a pretty special bracelet, sure to attract attention, to offer you for your collection.

Size and Packaging: Sterling silver quality swivel lobster claw closure and will fit wrists 7" to 7 3/4".
Comes boxed ready to give in our signature pink and brown.

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