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Sterling DIY Round Photo charm

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Easy personalized gift for a loved one
Item Number: 177074
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Love, Love what you can do with this wonderful piece! You can slip a photo into this one yourself. Now how neat is that?

That makes this the perfect diy gift for mom, grandma, auntie, or special friend.
Add it to a chain or ribbon and voila!  You have a personalized gift!

Slide the existing pic out ( you may have to use a straight pin at the edge to coax it out) and then use it as a template to cut your favorite photo. Slide it and the transparent overlay back in and you are ready to give a wonderful gift!

Size & Packaging:  About 3/4"  long excluding the ring bail.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the constant change in silver prices.
We will try hard to hold prices as firm as we can.

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