Our American Heroes
We are proud of you!

Just a few of the many we have been honored to do...

As the daughter of a career military dad and loyal mother, there is a keen awareness of the deep sacrifices of our soldiers and their families.  There are often no words to express what they have given up to defend our country and what their families have had to do in their absence.  It is in their honor that we, with the deepest respect and admiration, offer our talents.  So... we would like to offer to make each and every soldier serving in Iraq & Afghanistan a sterling photo charm, free of charge.  We humbly ask for just a few things:

  • That the soldier be currently deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • The soldier must be in uniform.
  • You allow us to post a photo of your charm on our website or other worthy venues.  No names will be used unless permission is given.
  • Please note that we want to include injured soldiers and the families of those that have given their lives for our freedom.  There are over 5,000 of the latter of you and I wish that we could meet each and every one of you to hug you.  To you we offer our deep condolences.
  • We can only do one free per soldier due to very high silver costs and we don't want to leave anyone out due to this.  We thank you for your understanding.            (Exceptions are for Gold Star mothers and wives of those killed in action.)

You can email us a photo (the higher the resolution the better) to [email protected] or you can snail mail us a copy of a photo (please, no originals) to:

Rose Blossom Cottage
Soldier Charms
PO Box 1407
George West, TX  78022

Like our Broken China Jewelry, the photo charms will last a lifetime and then some.  An enduring legacy to service, freedom, pride, and sacrifice.

During the past 4 years of our doing this, we have been asked if we accept donations.  At this point, it is not necessary thanks to our wonderful customers.  We do this not for recognition but as a deep, sincere, and loving "Thank you.  Thank you so very much.  God Bless you and God Bless the USA."

Momma Betty (The Queen Mother of RBC) has suggested that if any of the public would like to donate in honor of the soldier, that they check out one of the following:

  • The USO...been around for a long time and a wonderful charity: https://www.uso.org/donate/custom.aspx
  • Operation Homefront...another wonderful organization that does a lot of state side work:    https://www.operationhomefront.net
  • Cup of Joe...love this.  Goes directly to troops abroad to buy them a "Cup of Joe."  For as little as $2, you can make a soldier's day and send them a message as well:  http://greenbeanscoffee.com/coj