Life can sure take some strange twists and turns, know what I mean? I had set out to update our website to make it compliant with new technology. You have probably noticed many sites doing updates. So off I went. Finally found a suggestion through Avalon Rose Design for 3dcart.  

It was a WoW!

They had new features that would make it spiffy for our customers. Neat!
Multiple wishlists for you, order tracking from your own account, waitlisting sold items you like with notification it is back in stock. Cool!
Of course lots more. Stay tuned.

But it is slow going as our old website is ancient and doesn't have the ability to import to the new. So....each item, pics, descripts, etc. has to be moved one by one. And the new one has quirks I am still working out. Like moving from a nice homey cottage to a mansion. There are so many nooks and crannies.  
Thank goodness we have lovely and patient customers that tell us when things are not working.  We have no doubt that we have the best and kindest customers in the world!!!  What sweetpeas!

Chloe Bee, our new baby, discovered another dog in the studio!
And don't you love Charlene's tiara pillow.

Security at the old site was great and the new site is spectacular! Woohoo!
So stay tuned! Both sites will be merged in the end. You will be able to use either web address or to get to the same place. Swwweeet!

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