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Beaded Sparkling Checkboard CZ Drop Pendant Necklace

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Beautiful double sided multi faceted
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Top quality simulated diamond (CZ) in a lavishly cut checkerboard pattern. 
Gives such lovely depth and sparkle. 
Simple and super pretty.
Perfect gift!

8mm Custom set in a Sterling silver setting with a beaded edge.  Back has cut out for
light to refract from the faceting on both the top and back (double faceted). 

Comes with a Sterling silver 18" feminine chain.  You can get a 20" for a small additional charge.

Boxed and ready to give.

Background info:  Checkerboard cut is one of popular cutting for colored and larger CZ stones. There are two styles of checkerboard cut; one is checkerboard cut top with flat base, other is double sides with checkerboard cuts (double checkerboard cuts).  This is a double sided.

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