Thought I would spend a little time with some of the questions and comments we get here at RB Cottage. Love this first one from Carol...

" Love your broken china jewelry and like that they are sterling. I want to design my own bracelet and take my time to get my favorite pieces but am afraid they won't look good or match when I am done... "

 Good news! When it comes to color, they don't have to match. Nope. Not at all. Look at this bracelet.

There is a dark green china charm (right) along with some Royal Albert Lady Carlyle (center) and antique Austrian china white background pieces. What makes it work? The silver charms and pearls between each one.
Which leads us to an important tip: repetiton

Repetition:  It's easy when we love similar designs that have similar elements like this bracelet. It works because of the crystals around each charm.

 But when we are designing with favorite pieces from more than one source or bought one at a time, they often don't match. This can easily remedied by using a repetitive pattern in between them.

So go ahead, get a couple of pieces of these little treasures of the past!
You can't go wrong. Promise.
Of course, we always stand ready to help.

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