Vintage patriotic images for the cutest hand fan.  Easy kid craft.  Whip this up in no time!

You will need:

*Cardstock Print of Paddles  (Print is available as a download.)  Click here.
*Wooden handle (a paint stick is great)
*Your favorite adhesive.  We used a hot glue gun but you can use tape and/or white glue.
*Optional ribbon to cover the handle

1.  Cut your paddles out. 
2. If you are using the ribbon to cover the handle, let one end of ribbon run the length of the stick.
   Start winding ribbon up the stick.  Dots of glue can help secure. 
   When you get halfway up, you can tie a bow.

3.  Center top of the paddle on top of the backside of one of the vintage images and then glue (or tape).


4.  Line up other side of paddle and then glue images together (back to back).
     Trim if necessary.
Test the breeze it whips up!!!  Cool, right?
God Bless America :)

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