Why Broken China Jewelry and Buttons?

Because they have weathered time and deserve to continue a useful life!  

And they are proudly made right here in the USA and in our own cottage studio and custom set in Sterling.  Your pieces have been lovingly created every step (and there are many) of the way.

These pieces are investments. Collector pieces. Conversation pieces. One of a kinds, like you.

Heirlooms. Timeless. And right here for you at RBC.

How to Make Broken China Jewelry...

How to make Broken China Jewelry is one that we get asked often. Broken China jewelry is made through a painstaking, multi-stepped process done with a keen awareness to the piece itself. Much of the china is antique and vintage pieces that have been treasured but damaged. We use a variety of tools and machines to carve out and carefully shape these beloved pieces to the forms you see. Your piece then receives a custom bezel out of Sterling & Fine Silver. Iced with beautiful sterling bails, Sterling twisted rings, quality Czech crystals, Swarovski and sterling beading. We aren't done yet. We add our tag/stamp/signature & number and then, finally, we polish them to a bright finish. These pieces are highly collectible antique and vintage pieces reminiscent of yesteryear. Each piece has its own story and is meant to be treasured. And it is all done right here in the USA! We do custom work and you can contact us through our "Contact Us" page. We guarantee our bezels and should they ever become damaged, we will repair them and only ask for a small shipping fee in return. They can be kept up with a by polishing with a silver cloth. God Bless and thank you so much for looking at our treasures!

Warmest regards,
Kim & the RoseBlossomCottage.com Family

A Few More FAQ's...

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Where do you get the sterling settings for your pieces?   95% of our Sterling settings, bangles, heart charms, bracelet chains are manufactured by us here in our studio from scratch.  We use USA sources of raw materials.  So your purchase does help Americans work on several levels.  Also, it allows us some freedoms of taking a client's design and allows her/him to make this jewelry their own. 

Why are there two similar pieces but one is more expensive than the other?  There are two possible reasons:  1) the china/button/remembrance we used was more expensive to reacquire, or 2) the price of silver which has gone up dramatically in 2008 and it is affecting the price of the piece.  We do not go back a raise the price of pieces!  We pass the savings on to you!

Will my Broken China Jewelry and/or Spoon Bracelet tarnish?  Yes, it will tarnish as any silver and silver content jewelry will.  That is the bad news.  The good news is that there is a fantastic polish that comes in a tube or a tub called MAAS.  It is a fine polishing creme for ALL metals and can be purchased at most Wal-Marts, ebay, and online.

Can I use liquid jewelry cleaner on my Broken China Jewelry and/or Spoon Bracelet?  No.  We do not recommend doing that as it removes all patina.  You want some patina to stay behind, especially in the crevices of your Spoon Bracelet, so that the detailing can be seen.  It is better to use MAAS and lightly apply the creme, rub the creme in gently and then buff it gently.  The MAAS has an anti-tarnishing agent that will keep you from having to do it real often.

Can you make my own china into charms or pendants?   We are currently so backlogged that the turn around time may not be worth it to you.  The best thing to do is to email us and ask. (See the next question for more info).

Can you take my grandmother's silverware and make bracelets for me?   Yes, that we can usually do in short order.  But...it must be Sterling or silverplate as stainless does not bend well at all. 

Can you change a toggle clasp to a lobster claw clasp (or vice versa)?   Absolutely.  Just let us know before shipping and we will get that done for you at no extra charge.

What size charm is best to buy for the Vintage and Antique Spoon Bracelets?  The Petite Broken China Jewelry charms.  You can go to our "How-to & Information page" for a comparison of charm sizes.

If I buy a Spoon Bracelet and a charm separately, can you put the charm on the Spoon Bracelet for me?   Would be happy to.  Just let us know. 

Why are all the items that I like marked 'Sold'?   Because we all have the same great taste!  Well, actually we sometimes leave 'Sold' items on the site for various reasons.  Sometimes we are waiting on a significant other to buy that special piece for someone, so we will mark it 'Sold' until they get the hint!  We also sometimes have more of the pattern and leave it as a sample of the pattern or design.

We don't get this much but we are including it for your information:   My piece has become damaged or I can't get it clean.  Can you help me?   We sure can.  If the damage is to the bezel or you can't get the bezel clean, just send it to us.  We will gladly repair/clean it.  Just send it with $3 for return postage/insurance to Rose Blossom Cottage, PO Box 1407, George West, TX  78022.  If crystals are missing or it is some other kind of damage, just contact us with the problem and we will give you an estimate.  We will only charge the cost of materials and our labor is no charge. 

I want to get a photo charm done.  How long does it take and can I email my picture to you?  Turn around is usually a short time but it is always best to email us to check.  You can upload your picture on the item page, too!  Of course you can email it to us separately at [email protected].  Snail mail: Rose Blossom Cottage, PO Box 1407, George West, TX  78022

  I am purchasing this as a gift.  Can you send it directly to that person?  We would be happy to take that worry off your hands.  Just let us know on the Checkout page where you want it shipped.

I love this jewelry but I always end up missing the pieces that I want.  Can you email me when you have new items so I don't miss out?  We have a waiting list feature on the item page if we can reproduce it.  Of course, you can also contact us to help you with your own design.  And on our mailing list, we have one list there that you can sign up for that will let you know when we have new items.

Earth Friendly?  We certainly do our best.  We use "Earth friendly silver" (silver that has already been mined.)  We also give second life to packing materials.  By saving boxes and packing supplies that allows us to save the landfills from unnecessary waste, it also allows us to offer FREE SHIPPING on jewelry pieces.  Now that's a win-win, don't you think?!

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