Owning retail businesses for over 22 years have given me great opportunities to help people give some pretty special gifts from our stores.

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries are the obvious, but we have also done the new mother, the junior high graduation, the new pet, the remembrances of beloved people and pets who have passed. And just about any occasion in between. All are special.

What you may not know is that we can help YOU, too. When you buy a gift from us to send on your behalf, we can step up the experience.
  • Would you like us to send a card with it?
  • A special note?
  • Do you want us to give it a flourish of wrapping or ribbons?

Just let us know by giving us instructions at checkout. We would be happy to do it for you! No fuss or muss on your part. You've done your job. Just give us the address. Let us know at checkout it is a gift. And then tell us what you would like.

Cost? Most of the time it is free! Yes, you heard me right FREE! Take a look at what we did for this husband for his anniversary gift...

Here is the sweet email we got from him:

The bracelet was a huge hit!!  The presentation was so beautiful . . . and, for a long time MOP button collector, it couldn’t have been a more perfect gift!  I don’t think it’s left her arm since she opened it on Saturday!  She’s already received many compliments from friends and family - and fellow collectors are clamoring to get more information about your creations!

Thanks again for expediting it’s arrival – it couldn’t have been a more perfect gift for my bride of 42 years! 

Best Regards,


Now that email made my day.  No, my week.  We are not the fastest people in the world because we are detail people, but if you tell us to put a step on it that you need it for a certain occasion, we will knock ourselves out to get it done for you. 

We stand ready to make your gift giving easy and special!  Give us a try.

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