Aren't these lovely?  All the way from London.  Antique  Edwardian carved mother of Pearl buttons.  Thought you might like seeing some of the lovely pieces we acquire.  Large buttons that may have been a part of a coat or cloak.  Fortunately, these are very, very good condition.   Very rich iridescence that has survived time.  World Wars, conflicts, and other world events.  What have they witnessed?  One thing for sure, they'll never tell.

I now have the distinct pleasure of setting them in Sterling to be worn again but some lucky lady.  Have to think about how to best set them.  Decisions, decisions. 

What about a pin/pendant?  Should I scallop the edges?  Rope edge?  What about sterling little decorative balls skirting it.  I think I will ponder on it for awhile. 

Of course, I am always open to suggestions from you.  Leave a comment with your valued opinion :)

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