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Momma Blue Bird & Chicks Porcelain Charm

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Broken China Jewelry Sterling set charm
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Custom made china of an antique blue bird image of a momma chick and her little chicklets. Sweetly bedded in a nest with little pink flowers along the bottom.

Custom set in antiqued Sterling silver in our cottage studio here in the USA. Skirted on the bottom with solid Sterling dollops of silver beading. Back is fully enclosed in silver to prevent dirt and debris accumulation. We don't skimp on silver!

Background information: This is custom made china. The image has been fired on to porcelain at 1500+ degrees. Water/weather will not affect it. Will not fade and will last many, many, many generations. Permanent.

Prices are subject to change without notice due to the constant change in silver prices.
We will try hard to hold prices as firm as we can.

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