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Ornate Victorian Style Purple Drop Trefoil Earrings

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Artisan handcrafted from an Antique die
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You will love these.   Timeless.  So very pretty and such great presence without overdoing it.
We purposely worked to keep these as lightweight as possible. 

A little background first.  These are handcrafted in our studio using from a copy of an antique
handcarved steel die.  The craftsman that did this is long gone but his/her work lives on. 

Sterling and fine silver.  We use almost pure silver (as opposed to Sterling) to help with the weight.
The wire and setting of the purple faceted manmade stones are all of Sterling.
Want another color stone?  We have AAA graded Swarovski clear gemstones and other colors as well.
The stones are manmade but are the pinnacle in quality.  They are faceted the same way and Swarovski
cuts are superior for sparkle.

You also have the option to pick your finish:  antiqued or shiny.  If no choice is made, we will send antiqued.

2" from the top of the earwire to the bottom.  1" wide.  Open back (for weight reasons).

Comes boxed ready to wear.

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