I have a handy husband and a wide circle of talented friends. That really helps when I want to repurpose something.
Let me tell you though, it can get interesting.
Sometimes I get a weird look and a "you want to turn that into what?!?"
Okay sometimes my ideas get a little over the top, but sometimes it works.

Take a look at my workbenches for silver smithing.

Can you see it?
Not really genius on my part but more so my husband and a dear welder friend.
Have you spotted what I am talking about? Take a look again and you can see those old sewing machine bases.

Remember those? The ornate ones with a treadle bottom. I love them and inherited one. The other I got for $75 at an antique mall. Not exactly a steal. And you should have seen the concern on people's faces when I was dragging it (literally because it is HEAVY!) through the store.
What are you going to do with that????
Two sturdy workbenches for pounding, rolling metal, high heat soldering.

Yep. Rescued, Repurposed, and Loved. Perfect!
Maybe they were just envying me.


Pauline Haggard

Date 12/31/2014

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