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Three Roses Ribbon Downloadable Digital Print 5x7 AND 8X10

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Two sizes: 5x7 and 8x10. You get both!

Description:  Absolutely gorgeous! A real favorite. Created from a 1914 French postcard of a Catherine Klein print. You will love framing this.

Put this in your favorite frame to have roses (or give roses) that will always be beautiful. Print this onto photo paper just like you would any photo (we like to use matte or semi-gloss that you can find at Wal-Mart or any office supply.   Really any good paper will do), pop into a frame and viola! How easy is that?

Delivery:  You can download it and print it on your own printer or take it to a photo print center.   My favorite paper is a matte paper sold by Staples but any photo paper will do.

 Or  for a small additional fee, have it shipped to you.  We print on professional photo paper.

Ideas:   Print on card stock and give as a card.  Dust with a little glass glitter to take it up a notch (we sell this).  Print and frame to give as a lovely gift of faith for someone special.

Use:  Painstakingly restored, we ask you to respect our copyright. This is how we make our living and many hours have gone into restoring this print. Thank you for understanding that this print is not to be resold, shared, or redistributed in any manner. Copyright symbol will not be on your print.

Note:   Shown digitally framed for ideas only.  Your print will not have the frames.

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