Mrs. Bonifer could make a cherry pie that made you come back for thirds.  She was my grandparent's neighbor some 70 years ago.  My mom (as a little girl)  remembers well those beautiful, tasty pies Mrs. B. would bring by. 

God bless her soul, she left her favorite bowl, including the scars made by hot cherry pits, to my mother.  Now it has been passed to lucky me. 

I tell you this story because if this bowl ever became broken or chipped, I would repair it.  What?!!!  I know what you are, Kim, would not make jewelry out of it to treasure?
Nope.  Don't want to do it with this piece.  I am sure you have pieces, too, like that, don't you? is a little video I found to help you repair those treasures.    Now realize there are many ways to do it, but this is one that anyone can do with things you can purchase at most stores. 

You will need:
2- part syringes epoxy (WalMart)
pastel chalks (WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels)
paper plate

1.  Mix a small amount of epoxy.
2.  Match color with pastel chalks.  Use knife to shave a little bit of matching color into the mixed epoxy.  Stir in with toothpick.
3.  Use toothpick to fill in chigger.  Allow to dry according to epoxy instructions.


Dorothy King

Date 2/20/2014

Thank you...I can use this information. Would clear epoxy dry light enough to use on heavy crystal bowl rims?


Date 2/21/2014

This was great. As I have afew chipped pieces of chipped and broken china and I don't want get rid of them.


Date 2/21/2014

Hello Dorothy! What a great question. I really don't know. It would be a great experiment. Let us know if you try it!

Sherry Manning-Tennessee

Date 2/23/2014

I wish I had known this along time ago, thank you for sharing. I posted this on Facebook.

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