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Labradorite Faceted Tear Drop Sterling Pendant Necklace

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Beautiful Iridescent Labradorite Teardtop shaped Faceeted Pendant Necklace
Item Number: 174206-2
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Labradorite, faceted, and custom set in a Sterling silver filigree setting. 
Lovely plays of blues, greens and sometimes touches of other colors.
A little bit of cloudiness from certain angles. 
Color changes with the stones movement.
We tried to show this gorgeous stone in different positions and lighting.
Such a pretty stone for the summer and holidays. 

Listing is for one necklace.

Back has been cut out to show that faceting on the other side as well.  Almost could be worn either way.  Embossed pattern is different on each of them.

Stone has long been associated with repelling negativity and spiritual growth.

About 1" from the top ring to the bottom.  Stone is almost " 3/4x 1/2".

Comes with a gorgeous double cable Sterling chain 18". 

Boxed ready to give and a timeless gift.

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